Paul Veerman

| January 19, 2015

cpn_conference_Paul-Veerman-150Paul Veerman was raised in Rockford, IL and went on to attend Wheaton College (IL) where he received both an undergraduate and graduate degree.  He attended several classes at Trinity Divinity School as well.

Paul worked for 7 years in Campus Life/Youth for Christ, before moving into the corporate world with ServiceMaster Industries.   ServiceMaster moved him to Connecticut as the regional sales manager, but after a few years, Mr. Veerman decided to venture into his own business.  Over a period of 17 years, Mr. Veerman owned five businesses four of which were ServiceMaster franchises and, at one time, employed up to 130 employees, achieving a top award with the company.

Mr. Veerman entered the not for profit world in 2000 and became the Director of Development for the Children’s Home and Learning Center, a ministry to approximately 200 abuse children.  Over the next five years his team grew donations by an average of 20% per year.  Mr. Veerman moved on to work for Wheaton College and then to the American Bible Society out of New York City.

Today Mr. Veerman works as the senior advisor to the CEO for Back to the Bible/goTandem, Dr. Arnie Cole.  His job is to create passion and interest in this ministry with donors and ministry partners.

Mr. Veerman is active in his church and community.  He was an elected official for the Board of Finance in his hometown, president of the local Rotary club and chairman of his church.  He has been on several boards and committees and continues to teach an Adult Bible class at the Covenant Church in Easton, CT.  His hobbies are biking, golf, gardening and reading.

Mr. Veerman lives with his wife, Darian, in Milford, CT.  They have three adult children and seven grandchildren.

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