Conference Information

 DATE Wednesday, October 28, 2015
 PARKING Free Parking Available On Site
 TIME Doors Open at 7:30 AM
Conference Begins at 8:00 AM
Conference Adjourns at 4:00 PM
 MEALS Continental Breakfast and Lunch included in Registration
1739 W. Nursery Road, Linthicum, Maryland 21090
 REGISTRATION Online Registration Available Here
Confirmation is provided via email if you pay on-line
with a credit card; via U.S.Mail if you pay with a check.
$125/person –  REGISTRATION cost at the door
 QUESTIONS Thomas Schetelich

Featured Speakers and Presentations:

Keynote Address:
A Representative of Christ in the Marketplace
by Bob Doll

A Christian Equipped for 21st Century Business
by Tami Weissert

Pivot Point Intelligence
by Robert Wallace

Baltimore Responds
The Maryland Bible Society will host a presentation of how Christian ministries are working together to respond to the needs of Baltimore City following the civil unrest and violence of April, 2015, and how businesses can respond to the needs of the City.


Breakout Sessions

The Conference will feature 8 breakout sessions, of substantive and timely subjects for Christians in Business, lead by experts in their fields.

Maintaining a Christ Centered Focus in Business. 
As Christian businessmen and women, we are tempted every day to compromise our faith. Research that shows that 80% of those who proclaim themselves as Christian don’t have any different lifestyle then those who do not believe, and those in business are no exemption.  This breakout session will identify these temptations and look at proven ways to overcome them. Presented by Back to the Bible

The Supreme Court and Religious Liberty.  The Roberts Supreme Court has issued a series of new decisions that are redefining the rules of religious liberty.  This breakout is designed to review the cases decided in the past term, with the implications for businesses, churches, and employers.   Presented by Ferguson, Schetelich & Ballew, P.A.

Small Business Lending.  Small businesses need more than ever to establish stable relationships with banks to assure access to necessary credit.  This breakout will address the challenges faced by both businesses and lenders to build successful credit structures.   Presented by Mary Hall, CPA of Weil, Akman, Baylin & Coleman, P.A., and Paul Straw of Sun Trust Bank.

Marketing in the Blended Media Age.  Marketing goes beyond single media advertising buys.  A successful marketing campaign now requires a comprehensive and coordinated campaign making use of different media, both tradition and digital.  Join a panel of experts who will discuss the best practices for marketing success. Hosted by The Shepherds Guide.  

The Four Pillars of Wellness.   Wellness is a lifestyle.  It has been rightly said that “health is a state of body; but wellness is a state of being.”  This program will present the four pillars on which wellness is based: Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, and Social/Family, each important in themselves, and working together for a balanced and productive life.   Presented by KELLY. 

Millennials in the Marketplace.   The Millennials are the largest generation in America – and they are now solidly in the marketplace.  Is the Millennial Generation entitled, unmotivated and addicted to technology?  Or are they a passionate, creative and ambitious group of young people?  This breakout will discuss what has most influenced the Millennials, and how understanding their mission-mindset will get Millennials more involved with your company or ministry.  Presented by Gabrielle Jackson, Millennial Solutions.

Building and Protecting Personal/Business Credit.  Today’s economy runs on credit.  It is how we buy a home, pay for education, purchase groceries, start a business, and manage our finances.  Yet the access to credit is fragile, and the price we pay for it is variable.  This workshop will consider how to build and protect credit both personally and for business, looking at it from both the consumer and the lender points of view.  Presented by Chris Bridges of “Credit with Chris” and Harbor Bank of Maryland.  

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses.  Technology costs for small businesses can be a daunting part of their budget.  Cloud computing provides a way to keep current with the latest advances, while controlling costs.  Join this discussion of how to maximize technology opportunities in the 21st Century economy. Presented by Barnabas Networks.

CPN Breakout Session

New Seminars for Non-Profits

Training Seminar for Non-Profits – Serving with Excellence. Presented by the Faith Based Non-Profit Resource Center

The Conference will host a Training Seminar uniquely designed for Non-Profit Organizations.  Seminar participates will be able to attend all the general sessions of the CPN Conference, and then two breakout classes that will focus on the challenges faced by non-profit organizations as they seek to serve with excellence.

Cash Flow and Budgeting for Non-Profits.  Nonprofits constantly strive for sustainability — to balance programs/services with income.  A well planned budget and a watchful eye over cash flows are paramount to financial success. This session will focus on both theories and practical approaches to budgeting and cash flow management.  Presented by Kelli Miller of Weyrich, Cronin & Sorra

Organizational Mission – Giving the Non-Profit a Purpose.  Most nonprofits and ministries find that mission drift is a constant challenge for them. It is difficult for organizations to remain true to their purpose and what God has called them to do. This session will challenge attendees to take a look at their own organizations, their cultural values and how they define success.  Presented by Deborah DiVirgilio, Faith Based Nonprofit Resource Center.



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